Cloud & Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX - per user per month

Cloud PBX - per line per month

Our fully managed Virtual IP-PBX solution is priced per user, so as your office grows, you only pay for what you need without the overhead of owning a phone system. 

Ask your Arktel, Inc. rep about the advantages of a virtual solution, which includes an IP telephone and monthly telephone service excluding long distance.  We also include web-based access for each phone account, so your staff can check voicemail messages by telephone, by email, and by web. The web-based access also allows the user to see who's calling, what calls were missed, received calls, change call forwarding, update the dial by name listing, update call settings, setup conferences, and more... 

Features include voicemail to email, auto attendant, hunting, park, pickup, transfer, do not disturb, phone to phone paging/intercom, BLF, address book, call log, hold music/audio (including advertising on hold), call recording, call center agent monitoring, call barge-in, executive whisper, and more. Our portal includes instant messaging for phone to phone alerts.

Please include your shipping address at checkout for IP Telephone delivery. 

Call for Cloud PBX pricing! 877-275-8357 

Price: $46.00/month for Virtual PBX.
Call Center Reporting and Agent Statistics
With just the click of a mouse - access to agents statistics, availability, queue overflow, queue volume, trending . . .
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